About Omics Discovery Index

The Omics Discovery Index (OmicsDI) provides dataset discovery across a heterogeneous, distributed group of Transcriptomics, Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics data resources spanning eight repositories in three continents and six organisations, including both open and controlled access data resources. The resource provides a short description of every dataset: accession, description, sample/data protocols biological evidences, publication, etc. Based on these metadata, OmicsDI provides extensive search capabilities, as well as identification of related datasets by metadata and data content where possible. In particular, OmicsDI identifies groups of related, multi-omics datasets across repositories by shared identifiers.

The team

OmicsDI development is a collaboration between multiple data resource providers and consortia such as MetabolomeXchange and ProteomeXchange.

The Github Page: http://github.com/BD2K-DDI
Twitter Account: @OmicsDI
Support Account: omicsdi-support@ebi.ac.uk

How to Cite

Perez-Riverol, Yasset, et al. "Omics Discovery Index - Discovering and Linking Public Omics Datasets." bioRxiv (2016): 049205. (bioRxiv)


The OmicsDI team would like to thank all data submitters/collaboration databases for their contributions.

OmicsDI is supported by through the NIH Big Data to Knowledge, Grant 1U54GM114833-01.

The OmicsDI team would like to thank the following companies and organisations for their support through the offering of free software licenses: