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The genomes of three newly isolated Dehalococcoides strains (11a, 11a5 and MB) were compared against known genomes in the Dehalococcoides genus via a microarray targeting four sequenced Dehalococcoides strains (195, CBDB1, BAV1, and VS). All three strains exhibit different dechlorination patterns, with strains 11a dechlorinating TCE to ethene, 11a5 dechlorinating TCE to VC and MB dechlorinating PCE only to isomers of DCE. Hybridization of their respective genomic DNA to the microarrays showed that the genomes of strains 11a and 11a5 show great similarity to each other and to strains CBDB1 and BAV1 of the Pinellas subgroup, while strain MB shows strong genome similarity to members of the Cornell subgroup. All genes within the respective subgroups that were not detected by microarray are within the respective high plasticity regions or integrated elements of the sequenced strains. A large number of reductive dehalogenase (RDase)-encoding genes are present within each genome, and the presence of the vcrA and tceA genes in strains 11a and 11a5 respectively, and the absence of any of the four functionally-characterized chlorinated ethene RDases (pceA, tceA, vcrA, bvcA) within strain MB appear to dictate chlorinated ethene usages regardless of the respective core genome phylogeny of the three strains. Considering the current data set together with previous comparative genomics results from application of the Dehalococcoides genus microarray to two other un-sequenced strains, the observed incongruence between the core genome phylogeny and chlorinated ethene usage of Dehalococcoides strains is likely driven by horizontal gene transfer of functional RDases. The other genomic features that are repeatedly observed in the microarray analyses of all five un-sequenced Dehalococcoides strains as well as the environmental implications on this work are presented in this study. The genomic DNA (gDNA) of each culture was analyzed in triplicate. gDNA from the two newly isolated Dehalococcoides strains 11a and 11a5 were analyzed.

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