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Genes Differentially Expressed as a result of Candida albicans SC5314 biofilms exposure to 10b

ABSTRACT: Biomaterial infections are an increasingly alarming problem, and because of their intrinsic recalcitrance to conventional therapy, a new class of antifungal drugs must be explored. 10b, a 2-aminotetralin derivate, was synthesized as a novel chemical structural antifungal agent and exibited strong anti-biofilm activity. To further investigate the action mechanism, we used microarray analysis to investigate the genes expression profiles of C. albicans biofilms treated or untreated with 10b and found 150 genes were differentially expressed. Of them, 69 showed a decrease in expression and 81 showed an increase in expression -10 differentially expressed genes related to biofilm formation, Filamentous or hypha growth. A gene related to specifically hydrolyzing β-1, 3 glucan was significantly increased. 10 down-regulated genes were involved in glycolysis, fermentation and active oxygen scavenging. 15 overexpressed genes were related to the lipid metabolic process. Of them, 13 genes were directly linked to ergosterol biosynthesis including ERG2, ERG6 and ERG11. 10 genes related to translation were over-expressed. Among them, 2 genes involved in negative regulation of transcription were significantly up-regulated. Total RNA from the control SC5314 biofilms and 10b-treated SC5314 biofilms were used to generate target cDNA, and then hybridized to 8k Candida albicans Genome Array Genechips, representing about 7925 characterized Candida albicans genes. Two independent experiments were conducted. Reference strain was control SC5314 biofilms and test strain was SC5314 biofilms treated with 10b.

ORGANISM(S): Candida albicans  

SUBMITTER: Liang Rong-mei   Rongmei Liang 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-19226 | ArrayExpress | 2010-05-18



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