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ABSTRACT: To determine the effects on the intestine gene expression of pathogen exposure to Enteromyxum leei. One fish group was exposed to E. leei-contaminated effluent (recipient group = R) . R fish (n= 66, average weight = 134 g) were placed in two replicated 200L fibre-glass tanks which were set to receive exclusively the effluent water from another tank containing 24 infected (donors = D; average weight = 127.3 g; prevalence of infection = 54%) gilthead sea bream. The D to R fish ratio was 0.8. Other 66 naïve fish were allocated in two replicated tanks (control group = CTRL) under the same conditions, but without receiving contaminated effluent. Over the course of the study, day length followed natural changes and water was heated in order to keep temperature always above 18ºC, the range was 18-23 ºC. Water was 5 µm-filtered and UV irradiated, and salinity was 37.5‰. Water flow was 10L/min and oxygen content of outlet water remained higher than 85%saturation. All fish were fed daily a commercial dry pellet diet at about 1% of body weight. Disease signs and daily mortalities were recorded throughout the experiments. The parasitic status of dead fish was checked by microscopic examination of fresh intestinal scrapings. Fish were sampled after 113 days post exposure (p.e.). Feeding was stopped one day prior to the sampling to ensure that the digestive tract was empty. Head kidney and posterior intestine were rapidly excised, frozen in liquid nitrogen, and stored at -80 °C until RNA extraction and analysis. Keywords: Treated/Untreated, confinement, cortisol, stress response, time course, microarray 28 intestine samples - Twenty eight slides were hybridised using a reference design. Three groups (control, infected and non-infected) were compared using five individual fish in each group. Each sample was hybridised twice - the second being a dye-swap of the first.

SUBMITTER: Anita Talbot   Grace Davey  Michael Taylor Cairns  Jaume Pérez-Sánchez  Josep Calduch-Giner  Michael T Cairns  Richard Reinhardt  Benoit Houeix 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-19646 | ArrayExpress | 2010-06-05



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