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Expression data from rostral forebrains of wild-type and Fezf1-/- Fezf2-/- mice

ABSTRACT: Zinc-finger genes Fezf1 and Fezf2 encode transcriptional repressors. Fezf1 and Fezf2 are expressed in the early neural stem/progenitor cells and control neuronal differentiation in mouse dorsal telencephalon. We compared gene expression profiles of rostral forebrains, which contain the telencephalon and the rostral part of the diencephalon, from embryonic day (E) 9.5, E10.5, and E12.5 wild-type control and Fezf1-/- Fezf2 -/- mouse embryos. The forebrain rostral to the caudal limit of the lateral ventricles was isolated manually from E9.5, E10.5, and E12.5 wild-type and Fezf1-/- Fezf2-/- mice. Total RNAs were isolated by Separsol-RNA I and were used for microarray analyses.

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Masato Nakazawa   Masahiko Hibi  Takeshi Shimizu 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-21156 | ArrayExpress | 2010-04-12



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