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Circadian regulation of gene expression in the coral algal endosymbiosis

ABSTRACT: Despite their early evolutionary divergence, reef-building corals exhibit complex circadian responses to diurnal, lunar and annual changes in the conditions around them. Understanding circadian regulation in reef-building corals is, however, complicated by the presence of photosynthetic endosymbionts that have a profound physiochemical influence on the intracellular environment. How corals tune their animal-based clock machinery to respond to external cues while at the same time responding to internal physiological changes imposed by the symbiont is not clear. We explore this issue using microarray analysis to dissect genes governed directly by the circadian machinery from those responding indirectly as a consequence of changing internal oxygen tensions. Three coral colonies were sampled at 4 hr intervals during two consecutive days under an ambient light/dark (LD) cycle and under constant darkness (DD). In total 72 arrays were hybridized, as each array represented a sample from a treatment and a time point (n=3).

ORGANISM(S): Acropora millepora  

SUBMITTER: Oren Levy   David Miller 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-21658 | ArrayExpress | 2011-04-20



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Complex diel cycles of gene expression in coral-algal symbiosis.

Levy O O   Kaniewska P P   Alon S S   Eisenberg E E   Karako-Lampert S S   Bay L K LK   Reef R R   Rodriguez-Lanetty M M   Miller D J DJ   Hoegh-Guldberg O O  

Science (New York, N.Y.) 20110101 6014

Circadian regulation of plant-animal endosymbioses is complicated by a diversity of internal and external cues. Here, we show that stress-related genes in corals are coupled to the circadian clock, anticipating major changes in the intracellular milieu. In this regard, numerous chaperones are "hard-wired" to the clock, effectively preparing the coral for the consequences of oxidative protein damage imposed by symbiont photosynthesis (when O(2) > 250% saturation), including synexpression of antio  ...[more]

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