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Genome expression profile of early response to photobacteriosis in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata)

ABSTRACT: Analysis of the gene expression profiles of Sparus aurata head kidney after infection with Photobaterium damselae piscicida. The expression levels of 21,497 sea bream transcripts, on both directions, 24 and 48 hours post-infection, were compared with the levels detected in uninfected individuals. Sea bream individuals were exposed by immersion in 100 l of aereated sea water containing 2.89x108 CFU of a virulent Photobacterium damselae piscidida strain (249/ittio99) for 30 min. After pathogen exposure, all fish were returned to one tank. A challenge in the absence of pathogen was carried out with the same experimental procedure. For both infected and uninfected group, four (4) fish were collected at 24h and 48h post challenge and euthanized by over anesthetization, for a total of 16 individuals. Samples of head kidney were taken and stored in RNA later at -20°C until RNA extraction. Gene expression profiling was then performed using the Agilent-027679 Sparus aurata Oligo Microarray platform based on single-colour detection (Cyanine-3 only). Microarrays were scanned with Agilent scanner G2565BA (barcode on the left, DNA on the back surface, scanned through the glass) at a resolution of 5 microns; all slides were scanned twice at two different sensitivity settings (XDRHi 100% and XDRLo 10%); the scanner software created a unique ID for each pair of XDR scans and saved it to both scan image files. Feature Extraction (FE) 9.6 used XDR ID to link the pairs of scans together automatically when extracting data.

ORGANISM(S): Sparus aurata  

SUBMITTER: Serena Ferraresso   Luca Bargelloni  Caterina Pellizzari  Aleksei Krasnov 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-26651 | ArrayExpress | 2013-02-22



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