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Gene expression dynamics in yeast BY4741 and a strain lacking MSN2 and MSN4 responding to 0.4mM H2O2 over time (0-60min)

ABSTRACT: Numerous factors have been implicated in regulating gene expression changes, including changes to nucleosome occupancy. Here we followed dynamic changes to nucleosome occupancy, gene expression and DNA binding of the transcription factor Msn2p genome-wide in yeast cells responding to hydrogen peroxide and reveal new relationships between regulators of stress-dependent gene expression in yeast. Gene expression was measured in response to 0.4mM H2O2 in the S288c derivative BY4741 in wild-type cells and cells lacking MSN2 and MSN4. A single replicate of a time course spanning from 4 to 60 minutes after treatment in each cell type. An additional 3 repliactes were collected from cells 30 minutes after treatment.

ORGANISM(S): Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288C  

SUBMITTER: Dana J Huebert  Audrey P Gasch    

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-30899 | ArrayExpress| 2014-05-04



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Dynamic changes in nucleosome occupancy are not predictive of gene expression dynamics but are linked to transcription and chromatin regulators.

Huebert Dana J DJ   Kuan Pei-Fen PF   Keleş Sündüz S   Gasch Audrey P AP  

Molecular and cellular biology 20120221 9

The response to stressful stimuli requires rapid, precise, and dynamic gene expression changes that must be coordinated across the genome. To gain insight into the temporal ordering of genome reorganization, we investigated dynamic relationships between changing nucleosome occupancy, transcription factor binding, and gene expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast responding to oxidative stress. We applied deep sequencing to nucleosomal DNA at six time points before and after hydrogen peroxide  ...[more]

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