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Cross species differential gene expression

ABSTRACT: AB SOLID sequencing of ribosome-depleted RNA from S. Cerevisiae, S. Paradoxus, S. Mikatae, and S. Bayanus These four yeast species were grown in complete media and total RNA was sequenced. Cross-Species Gene Expression using RNA-Seq Data was examined. Eight samples examined: two biological replicates of each species

ORGANISM(S): Saccharomyces paradoxus  

SUBMITTER: Michael Springer   Jesse Gray  Gabor Marth 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-32679 | ArrayExpress | 2011-12-31



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Expression divergence measured by transcriptome sequencing of four yeast species.

Busby Michele A MA   Gray Jesse M JM   Costa Allen M AM   Stewart Chip C   Stromberg Michael P MP   Barnett Derek D   Chuang Jeffrey H JH   Springer Michael M   Marth Gabor T GT  

BMC genomics 20111229

BACKGROUND: The evolution of gene expression is a challenging problem in evolutionary biology, for which accurate, well-calibrated measurements and methods are crucial. RESULTS: We quantified gene expression with whole-transcriptome sequencing in four diploid, prototrophic strains of Saccharomyces species grown under the same condition to investigate the evolution of gene expression. We found that variation in expression is gene-dependent with large variations in each gene's expression between r  ...[more]

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