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Mechanisms of terminal erythroid differentiation defect in EKLF-deficient mice

ABSTRACT: EKLF is a Krüppel-like transcription factor identified as a transcriptional activator and chromatin modifier in erythroid cells. EKLF-deficient (Eklf -/-) mice die at day 14.5 of gestation from severe anemia. In this study, we demonstrate that early progenitor cells fail to undergo terminal erythroid differention in Eklf -/- embryos. To discover potential EKLF target genes responsible for the failure of erythropoiesis, transcriptional profiling was performed with RNA from wild type and Eklf -/- early erythroid progenitor cells. These analyses identified significant perturbation of a network of genes involved in cell cycle regulation, with the critical regulator of the cell cycle, E2f2, at a hub. E2f2 mRNA and protein levels were markedly decreased in Eklf -/- early erythroid progenitor cells, which showed a delay in the G1-to-S-phase transition. Chromatin immunoprecipitation analysis demonstrated EKLF occupancy at the proximal E2f2 promoter in vivo. Consistent with the role of EKLF as a chromatin modifier, EKLF binding-sites in the E2f2 promoter were located in a region of EKLF-dependent DNase I sensitivity in early erythroid progenitor cells. We propose a model in which EKLF-dependent activation and modification of the E2f2 locus is required for cell cycle progression preceding terminal erythroid differentiation. RNA was isolated from flow-sorted early erythroid progenitors in 13.5 day old fetal livers from EKLF knock out mice (n=3 fetal livers) and wild-type control mice (n=3 fetal livers) for gene expression analysis

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Holly Kloos Dressman   M O Arcasoy  D M Bodine  J I Sangerman  A M Pilon  H K Dressman  S E Vayda  Y D Maksimova  P G Gallagher 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-36618 | ArrayExpress | 2012-03-20



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