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Suppression of prp28-1 splicing defect by prp8-tes allele

ABSTRACT: DEAD-box proteins, a family of RNA-dependent ATPases, promote the numerous conformational rearrangements required for spliceosome assembly, activation, and disassembly. Previous work showed that a cold-sensitive substitution in DEAD-box protein Prp28 prevents the switch from U1 to U6 snRNA pairing with the 5’ splice site. Little is known about how Prp28 is regulated, although U5 snRNP protein Prp8 is a potential coordinator of Prp28 and other spliceosomal ATPases. We conducted a targeted selection in Prp8 for cold-insensitive suppressors of prp28-1, then used splicing specific microarrays to assess suppression of the prp28-1 splicing defect. Splicing specific microarrays were used to assess suppression of the prp28-1 splicing defect by a prp8 allele (prp8-tes) that suppresses prp28-1 cold-sensitivity

ORGANISM(S): Saccharomyces cerevisiae  

SUBMITTER: Janina Gornemann   Argenta Price  Christine Guthrie  Argenta M Price  David A Brow 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-42754 | ArrayExpress | 2014-01-01



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