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Control of Autophagic Cell Death by Caspase-10 in Multiple Myeloma

ABSTRACT: We performed a loss-of-function, RNA interference screen to define new therapeutic targets in multiple myeloma, a genetically diverse plasma cell malignancy. Unexpectedly, we discovered that all myeloma lines require caspase-10 for survival, irrespective of their genetic abnormalities. The transcription factor IRF4 induces both caspase-10 and its associated protein cFLIPL in myeloma, generating a protease that does not induce apoptosis but rather blocks an autophagy-dependent cell death pathway. Caspase-10 inhibits autophagy by cleaving the BCL2-interacting protein BCLAF1, itself a strong inducer of autophagy that acts by displacing beclin-1 from BCL2. While myeloma cells require a basal level of autophagy for survival, caspase-10 tempers this response to avoid cell death. Drugs that disrupt this vital balance may have therapeutic potential in myeloma. To generate a gene expression signature of caspase 10 signaling in multiple myeloma, cell lines (SKMM1 n=16, KMS12 n=8 and H929 n=12) were transduced with retroviral vectors expressing either shCasp10-2 or shCasp10-3. Similarly, lymphoma cell lines (OCI-Ly7 n=2 and OCI-Ly19 n=2) were transduced and used as a control. Following puromycin selection, shRNA expression was induced for 24 to 120 hours and gene expression was measured, comparing uninduced (Cy3) to induced (Cy5) cells, using lymphochip microarrays. Biological repeats were performed of H929 and SKMM1 samples.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Louis M. Staudt  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-43878 | ArrayExpress | 2013-03-13



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