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Microarray analysis of elp2 and wild type (Col-0) infected with the necrotrophic fungal pathogen Botrytis cinerea

ABSTRACT: The goal of the microarray experiment was to identify defense genes that were differentially expressed in the Arabidopsis mutant elp2 and wild type in response to infection of the necrotrophic fungal pathogen Botrytis cinerea. Results indicated that, compared with the wild type, the WRKY33/OCTADECANOID-RESPONSIVE ARABIDOPSIS AP2/ERF59 (ORA59)/ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR1 transcriptional cascades are down-regulated, whereas the MYC2 transcriptional cascade is up-regulated in the elp2 mutant. Three biological replicates with leaves from 8-12 plants per sample were collected at 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, and 48 hours after inoculation with the necrotrophic fungal pathogen Botrytis cinerea. After extraction, RNA concentration was determined on a NanoDrop Spectrophotometer (Thermofisher Scientific, Waltham, MA) and sample quality was assessed using the 2100 Bioanalyzer (Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA). Equal amount of RNA from the 3 biological replicates were used for microarray analysis. The channels of the dual-channel arrays were analyzed independently.

ORGANISM(S): Arabidopsis thaliana  

SUBMITTER: Yijun Sun   Jin Yao  Chenggang Wang  Yanping Zhang  Zhonglin Mou  Yezhang Ding 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-48207 | ArrayExpress | 2013-07-01



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