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Transcription profiling by high throughput sequencing of maize transgenic plants expressing a truncated AtHB17 protein

ABSTRACT: Transformation of the Arabidopsis ATHB17 gene into maize results in the expression of a truncated protein (smaller by 113 amino acids) that functions as a dominant-negative regulator that can modify activity of endogenous maize HD-Zip II transcription factors. This RNASeq experiment indicates that the observed effects of ATHB17d113 on the maize ear inflorescence and ear transcriptome are very small. Expression of ATHB17delta113 protein in maize leads to changes in ear growth resulting in increased ear size at early reproductive stages and, potentially increased sink size. Two ATHB17delta113 expressing events (Event 1 and Event 2) were compared to control plants (herein referred to as WT) in the context of Monsanto Elite Maize hybrid line NN6306. Three bioreps of both Ear inflorescence and Ear tissues were sampled for the WT and each of the two transgenic events.



SUBMITTER: Abha Khandelwal   James A Morrell  Rico A Caldo  Mingya G Huang  Jim Morrell  Elena A Rice  Deepak Purushotham  Paul J Loida  Kim Beazley 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-51742 | ArrayExpress | 2015-10-26



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Expression of a truncated ATHB17 protein in maize increases ear weight at silking.

Rice Elena A EA   Khandelwal Abha A   Creelman Robert A RA   Griffith Cara C   Ahrens Jeffrey E JE   Taylor J Philip JP   Murphy Lesley R LR   Manjunath Siva S   Thompson Rebecca L RL   Lingard Matthew J MJ   Back Stephanie L SL   Larue Huachun H   Brayton Bonnie R BR   Burek Amanda J AJ   Tiwari Shiv S   Adam Luc L   Morrell James A JA   Caldo Rico A RA   Huai Qing Q   Kouadio Jean-Louis K JL   Kuehn Rosemarie R   Sant Anagha M AM   Wingbermuehle William J WJ   Sala Rodrigo R   Foster Matt M   Kinser Josh D JD   Mohanty Radha R   Jiang Dongming D   Ziegler Todd E TE   Huang Mingya G MG   Kuriakose Saritha V SV   Skottke Kyle K   Repetti Peter P PP   Reuber T Lynne TL   Ruff Thomas G TG   Petracek Marie E ME   Loida Paul J PJ  

PloS one 20140415 4

ATHB17 (AT2G01430) is an Arabidopsis gene encoding a member of the α-subclass of the homeodomain leucine zipper class II (HD-Zip II) family of transcription factors. The ATHB17 monomer contains four domains common to all class II HD-Zip proteins: a putative repression domain adjacent to a homeodomain, leucine zipper, and carboxy terminal domain. However, it also possesses a unique N-terminus not present in other members of the family. In this study we demonstrate that the unique 73 amino acid N-  ...[more]

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