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RNA-seq of coding RNA of seven tissues from a single female Texel sheep and skin tissue from a Gansu alpine fine wool sheep

ABSTRACT: We have completed the high quality reference genome for domestic sheep (Oar v3.1) and performed a detailed survey of gene expression across different tissues. RNA-seq data of 7 tissue types from the reference female Texel and skin tissue from a Gansu alpine fine wool sheep were sequenced. Here is the part of the RNA-seq data sequenced in BGI, including 7 tissue types from the reference female Texel and skin type from a Gansu alpine fine wool sheep.



ORGANISM(S): Ovis aries  

SUBMITTER: Xun Xu   Yaojing Yue  Min Xie  Wen Wang 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-56643 | ArrayExpress | 2014-06-06



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The sheep genome illuminates biology of the rumen and lipid metabolism.

Jiang Yu Y   Xie Min M   Chen Wenbin W   Talbot Richard R   Maddox Jillian F JF   Faraut Thomas T   Wu Chunhua C   Muzny Donna M DM   Li Yuxiang Y   Zhang Wenguang W   Stanton Jo-Ann JA   Brauning Rudiger R   Barris Wesley C WC   Hourlier Thibaut T   Aken Bronwen L BL   Searle Stephen M J SMJ   Adelson David L DL   Bian Chao C   Cam Graham R GR   Chen Yulin Y   Cheng Shifeng S   DeSilva Udaya U   Dixen Karen K   Dong Yang Y   Fan Guangyi G   Franklin Ian R IR   Fu Shaoyin S   Guan Rui R   Highland Margaret A MA   Holder Michael E ME   Huang Guodong G   Ingham Aaron B AB   Jhangiani Shalini N SN   Kalra Divya D   Kovar Christie L CL   Lee Sandra L SL   Liu Weiqing W   Liu Xin X   Lu Changxin C   Lv Tian T   Mathew Tittu T   McWilliam Sean S   Menzies Moira M   Pan Shengkai S   Robelin David D   Servin Bertrand B   Townley David D   Wang Wenliang W   Wei Bin B   White Stephen N SN   Yang Xinhua X   Ye Chen C   Yue Yaojing Y   Zeng Peng P   Zhou Qing Q   Hansen Jacob B JB   Kristensen Karsten K   Gibbs Richard A RA   Flicek Paul P   Warkup Christopher C CC   Jones Huw E HE   Oddy V Hutton VH   Nicholas Frank W FW   McEwan John C JC   Kijas James J   Wang Jun J   Worley Kim C KC   Archibald Alan L AL   Cockett Noelle N   Xu Xun X   Wang Wen W   Dalrymple Brian P BP  

Science (New York, N.Y.) 20140601 6188

Sheep (Ovis aries) are a major source of meat, milk, and fiber in the form of wool and represent a distinct class of animals that have a specialized digestive organ, the rumen, that carries out the initial digestion of plant material. We have developed and analyzed a high-quality reference sheep genome and transcriptomes from 40 different tissues. We identified highly expressed genes encoding keratin cross-linking proteins associated with rumen evolution. We also identified genes involved in lip  ...[more]

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