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Transcriptomic profile of lignocellulose degradation from Trametes versicolor on poplar wood

ABSTRACT: The Trametes versicolor genome is predicted to encode many enzymes that can effectively degrade lignin, making it a has potentially useful application intool for biopulping and biobleaching. Poplar is an important and widely cultivated species of tree species, which isand extensively applied used in the pulping industry. However, the wood degradation mechanism of T. versicolor from transcriptomic level is not clear. To reveal identify the enzymes that contributeing to lignocellulose degraredauction and its degradation mechanisms, we evaluated transcriptomic how study theof T. versicolor transcriptome was changes during evaluated growthing on the poplar wood relative to growth on glucose medium. 853 genes were differentially expressed;, 360 genes were up-regulated on poplar wood, and 493 genes were down-regulated on poplar wood. Notably, most genes relative involved into lignin degradation were up-regulated, including eight lignin peroxidase (LiP) genes, and two manganese peroxidase (MnP) genes etc. Genes encoding cellulose and hemicelluloses degrading-enzymesation were mostly down-regulated, including six endo-β-1, 4-glucanase genes, three cellobiohydrolase I genes, and one cellobiohydrolase II gene, etc. MeanwhileAdditionally, expression of more significant expansion of P450s in T. versicolor genome, along with differences in carbohydrate- and lignin-degrading enzymes, could bewere correlated withto poplar wood degradation. Our results revealed transcriptomic characterizeation transcriptomic changes related toof lignocellulose degradation. Therefore, our results cwould be benuseful for the development ofefit T. versicolor as a tool to improve the efficiency of lignin degradation, and provide a theoretical foundation for a new paper pulp manufacturing processe 1,T.versicolor groewn on PDA medium. 2, T. versicolor growing on the a glucose carbon medium of glucose. 3, T. versicolor growing on poplar medium

ORGANISM(S): Trametes versicolor  

SUBMITTER: Li-Ping Zhang   Bo Huang  Yulong Wang 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-81742 | ArrayExpress | 2016-08-06



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