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Transcription profiling of mouse Icmt+/+ and Icmt-/- embryonic fibroblasts cells

ABSTRACT: Comparison of gene expression profiles of Icmt+/+ and Icmt-/- cells

INSTRUMENT(S): ScanArray Express HT [PerkinElmer]

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Nigel J Saunders  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-540 | ArrayExpress | 2007-01-08


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Defects in lamin B1 expression or processing affect interphase chromosome position and gene expression.

Malhas Ashraf A   Lee Chiu Fan CF   Sanders Rebecca R   Saunders Nigel J NJ   Vaux David J DJ  

The Journal of cell biology 20070220 5

Radial organization of nuclei with peripheral gene-poor chromosomes and central gene-rich chromosomes is common and could depend on the nuclear boundary as a scaffold or position marker. To test this, we studied the role of the ubiquitous nuclear envelope (NE) component lamin B1 in NE stability, chromosome territory position, and gene expression. The stability of the lamin B1 lamina is dependent on lamin endoproteolysis (by Rce1) but not carboxymethylation (by Icmt), whereas lamin C lamina stabi  ...[more]

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