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Time-course RNA-seq based transcriptome of Lactococcus piscium MKFS47

ABSTRACT: Lactococcus piscium strain MKFS47 is a psychrotrophic spoilage lactic acid bacterium, isolated from the cold-stored modified atmosphere packaged broiler filet strips with the first signs of spoilage. For the experiment L. piscium MKFS47 was grown in MRS broth without acetate with 2% glucose, samples were taken at 3h, 5h and 11h in three replicates. The extracted RNA was sequenced using SOLiD 5500XL. RNA-seq reads were mapped against L. piscium MKFS47 genome and were counted per gene using Lifescope software. The experiment was conducted to identify the time-course differential expression of the L. piscium MKFS47 genes.


ORGANISM(S): Lactococcus piscium  

SUBMITTER: Margarita Andreevskaya  

PROVIDER: E-MTAB-3245 | ArrayExpress | 2015-03-30



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Genome Sequence and Transcriptome Analysis of Meat-Spoilage-Associated Lactic Acid Bacterium Lactococcus piscium MKFS47.

Andreevskaya Margarita M   Johansson Per P   Laine Pia P   Smolander Olli-Pekka OP   Sonck Matti M   Rahkila Riitta R   Jääskeläinen Elina E   Paulin Lars L   Auvinen Petri P   Björkroth Johanna J  

Applied and environmental microbiology 20150327 11

Lactococcus piscium is a psychrotrophic lactic acid bacterium and is known to be one of the predominant species within spoilage microbial communities in cold-stored packaged foods, particularly in meat products. Its presence in such products has been associated with the formation of buttery and sour off-odors. Nevertheless, the spoilage potential of L. piscium varies dramatically depending on the strain and growth conditions. Additional knowledge about the genome is required to explain such vari  ...[more]

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