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Transcription profiling of human normal, Barrets esophagus, duodenum and adenocarcinoma samples

ABSTRACT: samples contain normal, Berret and duodenum and adenocarcinoma

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Janos Demeter   Ying Hao  

PROVIDER: E-SMDB-3834 | ArrayExpress | 2006-11-13


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Gene expression profiling reveals stromal genes expressed in common between Barrett's esophagus and adenocarcinoma.

Hao Ying Y   Triadafilopoulos George G   Sahbaie Peyman P   Young Harvey S HS   Omary M Bishr MB   Lowe Anson W AW  

Gastroenterology 20060901 3

Barrett's esophagus is a precursor of esophageal adenocarcinoma. DNA microarrays that enable a genome-wide assessment of gene expression enhance the identification of specific genes as well as gene expression patterns that are expressed by Barrett's esophagus and adenocarcinoma compared with normal tissues. Barrett's esophagus length has also been identified as a risk factor for progression to adenocarcinoma, but whether there are intrinsic biological differences between short-segment and long-s  ...[more]

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