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Transcription profiling of human primary pancreatic tissue samples

ABSTRACT: Various primary pancreatic tissue samples as labelled.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Janos Demeter   Mari Olsen  

PROVIDER: E-SMDB-3998 | ArrayExpress | 2007-05-23


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Gene expression patterns in pancreatic tumors, cells and tissues.

Lowe Anson W AW   Olsen Mari M   Hao Ying Y   Lee Sum P SP   Taek Lee Kyu K   Chen Xin X   van de Rijn Matt M   Brown Patrick O PO  

PloS one 20070328 3

Cancers of the pancreas originate from both the endocrine and exocrine elements of the organ, and represent a major cause of cancer-related death. This study provides a comprehensive assessment of gene expression for pancreatic tumors, the normal pancreas, and nonneoplastic pancreatic disease.DNA microarrays were used to assess the gene expression for surgically derived pancreatic adenocarcinomas, islet cell tumors, and mesenchymal tumors. The addition of normal pancreata, isolated islets, isola  ...[more]

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