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Transcription profiling of MCF7 (human mammary gland adenocarcinoma) cells deprived of serum for 30 hrs and vs non-deprived cells to test spike based normalization

ABSTRACT: MCF7 (human mammary gland adenocarcinoma) cells were deprived of serum for 30 hrs and were compared to non-deprived cells. External normalization controls were added in equal amounts to equivalent amounts of total RNA.

INSTRUMENT(S): (Make:PerkinElmer,Model:ScanArray 4000XL)

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Patrick Kemmeren   Harm H.M.J. van Bakel   Ele Holloway   Frank Holstege   Marijana Radonjic   Jeroen van de Peppel   Dik van Leenen  

PROVIDER: E-UMCU-3 | ArrayExpress | 2003-04-01


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Monitoring global messenger RNA changes in externally controlled microarray experiments.

van de Peppel Jeroen J   Kemmeren Patrick P   van Bakel Harm H   Radonjic Marijana M   van Leenen Dik D   Holstege Frank C P FC  

EMBO reports 20030401 4

Expression profiling is a universal tool, with a range of applications that benefit from the accurate determination of differential gene expression. To allow normalization using endogenous transcript levels, current microarray analyses assume that relatively few transcripts vary, or that any changes that occur are balanced. When normalization using endogenous genes is carried out, changes in expression levels are calculated relative to the behaviour of most of the transcripts. This does not refl  ...[more]

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