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Whole Genome Metabolism - Branchiostoma floridae

ABSTRACT: Whole Genome Metabolism of "Branchiostoma floridae" This is a whole genome metabolism model of Branchiostoma floridae. This model has been automatically generated by the SuBliMinaL Toolbox and libAnnotationSBML using information coming from from KEGG (release 66, April 2013, accessed via the resource's web services interface) and, where relevant, augmented with metabolic pathway information extracted from MetaCyc (version 17.0, March 2013). This model has been produced by the path2models project and is currently hosted on BioModels Database and identified by: BMID000000140258 . Other models with the same genus include BMID000000005623 BMID000000005624 BMID000000005625 BMID000000005626 BMID000000005627 BMID000000005628 BMID000000005629 BMID000000005630 BMID000000005631 BMID000000005632 BMID000000005633 BMID000000005634 BMID000000005635 BMID000000005636 BMID000000005637 BMID000000005638 BMID000000005639 BMID000000005640 BMID000000005641 BMID000000005642 BMID000000005643 BMID000000005644 BMID000000005645 BMID000000005646 BMID000000005647 BMID000000005648 BMID000000005649 BMID000000005650 BMID000000005651 BMID000000005652 BMID000000005653 BMID000000005654 BMID000000005655 BMID000000005656 BMID000000005657 BMID000000005658 BMID000000005659 BMID000000005660 BMID000000005661 BMID000000050631 BMID000000050632 BMID000000050633 BMID000000050634 BMID000000050635 BMID000000050636 BMID000000050637 BMID000000050638 BMID000000050639 BMID000000050640 BMID000000050641 BMID000000050642 BMID000000050643 BMID000000050644 BMID000000050645 BMID000000050646 BMID000000050647 BMID000000050648 BMID000000050649 BMID000000050650 BMID000000050651 BMID000000050652 BMID000000050653 BMID000000050654 BMID000000050655 BMID000000050656 BMID000000050657 BMID000000050658 BMID000000050659 BMID000000050660 BMID000000050661 BMID000000050662 BMID000000050663 BMID000000050664 BMID000000050665 BMID000000050666 BMID000000050667 BMID000000050668 BMID000000050669 BMID000000050670 BMID000000050671 BMID000000050672 BMID000000050673 BMID000000050674 BMID000000050675 BMID000000050676 BMID000000050677 BMID000000050678 BMID000000050679 BMID000000050680 BMID000000050681 BMID000000050682 BMID000000050683 BMID000000050684 BMID000000050685 BMID000000050686 BMID000000050687 BMID000000050688 BMID000000050689 BMID000000050690 BMID000000050691 BMID000000050692 BMID000000050693 BMID000000050694 BMID000000050695 BMID000000050696 BMID000000050697 BMID000000050698 BMID000000050699 BMID000000050700 BMID000000050701 BMID000000050702 BMID000000050703 BMID000000050704 BMID000000050705 BMID000000050706 BMID000000050707 BMID000000050708 BMID000000050709 BMID000000050710 BMID000000050711 BMID000000050712 . To the extent possible under law, all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to this encoded model have been dedicated to the public domain worldwide. Please refer to CC0 Public Domain Dedication for more information.

SUBMITTER: Path2Models project  

PROVIDER: BMID000000140258 | BioModels | 2012-05-20


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The amphioxus genome and the evolution of the chordate karyotype.

Putnam Nicholas H NH   Butts Thomas T   Ferrier David E K DE   Furlong Rebecca F RF   Hellsten Uffe U   Kawashima Takeshi T   Robinson-Rechavi Marc M   Shoguchi Eiichi E   Terry Astrid A   Yu Jr-Kai JK   Benito-Gutiérrez E Lia EL   Dubchak Inna I   Garcia-Fernàndez Jordi J   Gibson-Brown Jeremy J JJ   Grigoriev Igor V IV   Horton Amy C AC   de Jong Pieter J PJ   Jurka Jerzy J   Kapitonov Vladimir V VV   Kohara Yuji Y   Kuroki Yoko Y   Lindquist Erika E   Lucas Susan S   Osoegawa Kazutoyo K   Pennacchio Len A LA   Salamov Asaf A AA   Satou Yutaka Y   Sauka-Spengler Tatjana T   Schmutz Jeremy J   Shin-I Tadasu T   Toyoda Atsushi A   Bronner-Fraser Marianne M   Fujiyama Asao A   Holland Linda Z LZ   Holland Peter W H PW   Satoh Nori N   Rokhsar Daniel S DS  

Nature 20080601 7198

Lancelets ('amphioxus') are the modern survivors of an ancient chordate lineage, with a fossil record dating back to the Cambrian period. Here we describe the structure and gene content of the highly polymorphic approximately 520-megabase genome of the Florida lancelet Branchiostoma floridae, and analyse it in the context of chordate evolution. Whole-genome comparisons illuminate the murky relationships among the three chordate groups (tunicates, lancelets and vertebrates), and allow not only re  ...[more]

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