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Dudziuk2019 - Biologically sound formal model of Hsp70 heat induction

ABSTRACT: This model is described in detail in [Dudziuk et al.; 2019]. We provide a short description below. Heat shock proteins (HSP) are a part of cellular machinery maintaining misfolded proteins that appear in excess in stress conditions, including heat shock. One of most important HSP is the stress-inducible chaperone Hsp70. Not all HSP are subject to stress induction. There is a significant amount of constitutively expressed HSP in cellular homeostasis at 37℃. To describe the regulation pathway of heat induction of Hsp70, we expand previously published models from [Szymańska and Żylicz; 2009] and [Rybiński et al.; 2013]. Compared to those models, 1) we propose an improved function for protein misfolding, 2) we introduce temperature dependencies in some of the reactions; cf. [Scheff et al.; 2015], however we use different temperature dependencies, 3) we take into account the constitutive HSP inflow to improve quantitative value of the model.

SUBMITTER: Grzegorz  

PROVIDER: MODEL1807160001 | BioModels | 2019-06-28


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