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Effects of gamma-irradiation on biosynthesis of different types of ribonucleic acids in normal and regenerating rat liver.

ABSTRACT: 1. The effect of gamma-irradiation (4000rd) on the synthesis of ribosomal (pre-rRNA) and heterogeneous nuclear RNA (pre-mRNA) in normal and in regenerating rat liver was studied by using 40 min labelling with [6(-14)C]orotic acid. 2. Partial hepatectomy caused a sharp transient increase in the specific radioactivity of the endogenous low-molecular-weight RNA precursors in the livers of both normal and irradiated rats. Irradiation of intact animals did not affect the pool. 3. Irradiation enhanced the synthesis of pre-rRNA for at least 12h. The synthesis of pre-mRNA was also enhanced, but only in the first 3h after irradiation. 4. Partial hepatectomy strongly stimulated the synthesis of both pre-rRNA and pre-mRNA. 5. The synthesis of pre-rRNA was enhanced also in regenerating liver of animals irradiated before or after the operation. The conclusion can be drawn that the early increase in the synthesis of ribosomal RNA is a non-specific cellular response to different injuring factors. 6. The only case where irradiation caused an early inhibition of RNA synthesis was that of pre-mRNA in regenerating liver. This supports the hypothesis that ionizing radiation does not suppress the transcription per se but affects the mechanisms of activation of new genes (cellular programming).

PROVIDER: S-EPMC1165274 | BioStudies | 1975-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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