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Glucose metabolism in the newborn rat. Hormonal effects in vivo.

ABSTRACT: 1. The concentrations of liver glycogen and plasma d-glucose were measured in caesarian-delivered newborn rats at time-intervals up to 3h after delivery after treatment of the neonatal rats with glucagon, dibutyryl cyclic AMP, cortisol or cortisol+dibutyryl cyclic AMP. Glycogenolysis was promoted by glucagon or dibutyryl cyclic AMP in the third hour after birth but not at earlier times. Cortisol and dibutyryl cyclic AMP together (but neither agent alone) promoted glycogenolysis in the second hour after birth, but no hormone combination was effective in the first postnatal hour. 2. The specific radioactivity of plasma d-glucose was measured as a function of time for up to 75 min after the intraperitoneal injection of d-[6-(14)C]glucose and d-[6-(3)H]glucose into newborn rats at delivery and after treatment with glucagon or actinomycin D. Glucagon-mediated hyperglycaemia at this time was due to an increased rate of glucose formation and a decreased rate of glucose utilization. Actinomycin D prevented glucose formation and accelerated the rate of postnatal hypoglycaemia. 3. The specific radioactivity of plasma l-lactate and the incorporation of (14)C into plasma d-glucose was measured as a function of time after the intraperitoneal injection of l-[U-(14)C]lactate into glucagon- or actinomycin D-treated rats immediately after delivery. The calculated rates of lactate formation were unchanged by either treatment, but lactate utilization was stimulated by glucagon administration. Glucagon stimulated and actinomycin D diminished (14)C incorporation into plasma d-glucose. 4. The factors involved in the initiation of glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis in the rat immediately after birth are discussed.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC1177898 | BioStudies | 1973-01-01

SECONDARY ACCESSION(S): 10.1042/bj1340899

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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