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ABSTRACT: The centrosymmetric mol-ecule of the title complex, [Cd(4)Cl(8)(C(3)H(4)N(2))(6)(C(3)H(7)NO)(2)], contains four Cd(II) atoms, six imidazole, two dimethyl-formamide and eight chloride ligands. The structure shows a novel chloride-bridged tetra-nuclear cadmium quasi-cubane cluster. The coordination geometry of all Cd(II) atoms is distorted octa-hedral, with the two metal atoms in the asymmetric unit in different coordination environments. One of the Cd(2+) ions is coordinated by five Cl(-) ions and by one N atom from an imidazole ligand, while the second is coordinated by three chloride ligands, two N atoms from two imidazole ligands and one O atom from a dimethyl-formamide mol-ecule. Inter-molecular N-H?Cl hydrogen bonds link the mol-ecules into a two-dimensional polymeric structure parallel to the ab plane.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3201276 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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