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A standardized microarray assay for the independent gene expression markers in AML: EVI1 and BAALC.

ABSTRACT: High levels of BAALC, ERG, EVI1 and MN1 expression have been associated with shorter overall survival in AML but standardized and clinically validated assays are lacking. We have therefore developed and optimized an assay for standardized detection of these prognostic genes for patients with intermediate cytogenetic risk AML. In a training set of 147 intermediate cytogenetic risk cases we performed cross validations at 5 percentile steps of expression level and observed a bimodal significance profile for BAALC expression level and unimodal significance profiles for ERG and MN1 levels with no statistically significant cutoff points near the median expression level of BAALC, ERG or MN1. Of the possible cutoff points for expression levels of BAALC, ERG and MN1, just the 30th and 75th percentile of BAALC expression level and the 30th percentile of MN1 expression level cutoff points showed clinical significance. Of these only the 30th percentile of BAALC expression level reproduced in an independent verification (extended training) data set of 242 cytogenetically normal AML cases and successfully validated in an external cohort of 215 intermediate cytogenetic risk AML cases. Finally, we show independent prognostic value for high EVI1 and low BAALC in multivariate analysis with other clinically relevant molecular AML markers. We have developed a highly standardized molecular assay for the independent gene expression markers EVI1 and BAALC.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC3605258 | BioStudies | 2013-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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