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Crystal structure of the coordination polymer [Fe(III) 2{Pt(II)(CN)4}3].

ABSTRACT: The title complex, poly[dodeca-?-cyanido-diiron(III)triplat-inum(II)], [Fe(III) 2{Pt(II)(CN)4}3], has a three-dimensional polymeric structure. It is built-up from square-planar [Pt(II)(CN)4](2-) anions (point group symmetry 2/m) bridging cationic [Fe(III)Pt(II)(CN)4](+) ? layers extending in the bc plane. The Fe(II) atoms of the layers are located on inversion centres and exhibit an octa-hedral coordination sphere defined by six N atoms of cyanide ligands, while the Pt(II) atoms are located on twofold rotation axes and are surrounded by four C atoms of the cyanide ligands in a square-planar coordination. The geometrical preferences of the two cations for octa-hedral and square-planar coordination, respectively, lead to a corrugated organisation of the layers. The distance between neighbouring [Fe(III)Pt(II)(CN)4](+) ? layers corresponds to the length a/2 = 8.0070?(3)?Å, and the separation between two neighbouring Pt(II) atoms of the bridging [Pt(II)(CN)4](2-) groups corresponds to the length of the c axis [7.5720?(2)?Å]. The structure is porous with accessible voids of 390?Å(3) per unit cell.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC4331858 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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