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Adenosine A2A receptor promotes collagen type III synthesis via ?-catenin activation in human dermal fibroblasts.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE:Adenosine A2A receptor stimulation promotes the synthesis of collagen type I and type III (Col1 and Col3), mediators of fibrosis and scarring. The A2A receptor modulates collagen balance via cAMP/PKA/p38-MAPK/Akt pathways. Wnt signalling is important in fibrosis and the cAMP and Wnt pathways converge. Because the A2A receptor is Gs-linked and increases cAMP, we determined whether A2A receptors and Wnt signalling interact. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH:Total ?-catenin, de-phosphorylated ?-catenin (canonical activation, de-phospho ?-catenin) and phosphorylated ?-catenin at Ser552 (non-canonical activation, p-Ser552 ?-catenin) levels were determined in primary human dermal fibroblasts, cytosol and nucleus, by western blot analysis and fluorescence microscopy, before and after stimulation by A2A receptor-selective agonist CGS21680, with/without A2A receptor-selective antagonist (SCH56261) pretreatment. ?-Catenin was knocked down by transfection with scrambled-siRNA or specific-siRNA, and Col1 and Col3 levels determined by western blots. KEY RESULTS:CGS21680 stimulation rapidly (15 min) increased cellular ?-catenin levels. Both de-phospho ?-catenin and p-Ser552 ?-catenin levels were also increased. CGS21680 stimulated the translocation of total de-phospho and p-Ser552 ?-catenin to the nucleus. A2A receptor-stimulation increased Col1 synthesis similarly in ?-catenin knockeddown and scrambled cells. However, ?-catenin knockdown abolished the increase in Col3 synthesis induced in A2A receptor-stimulated fibroblasts. CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS:A2A receptor stimulation promotes Col3 synthesis via the activation of canonical and non-canonical ?-catenin, consistent with a role for A2A receptors in dermal fibrosis and scarring.

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