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Noncritical Signaling Role of a Kinase-Receptor Interaction Surface in the Escherichia coli Chemosensory Core Complex.

ABSTRACT: In Escherichia coli chemosensory arrays, transmembrane receptors, a histidine autokinase CheA, and a scaffolding protein CheW interact to form an extended hexagonal lattice of signaling complexes. One interaction, previously assigned a crucial signaling role, occurs between chemoreceptors and the CheW-binding P5 domain of CheA. Structural studies showed a receptor helix fitting into a hydrophobic cleft at the boundary between P5 subdomains. Our work aimed to elucidate the in vivo roles of the receptor-P5 interface, employing as a model the interaction between E. coli CheA and Tsr, the serine chemoreceptor. Crosslinking assays confirmed P5 and Tsr contacts in vivo and their strict dependence on CheW. Moreover, the P5 domain only mediated CheA recruitment to polar receptor clusters if CheW was also present. Amino acid replacements at CheA.P5 cleft residues reduced CheA kinase activity, lowered serine response cooperativity, and partially impaired chemotaxis. Pseudoreversion studies identified suppressors of P5 cleft defects at other P5 groove residues or at surface-exposed residues in P5 subdomain 1, which interacts with CheW in signaling complexes. Our results indicate that a high-affinity P5-receptor binding interaction is not essential for core complex function. Rather, P5 groove residues are probably required for proper cleft structure and/or dynamic behavior, which likely impact conformational communication between P5 subdomains and the strong binding interaction with CheW that is necessary for kinase activation. We propose a model for signal transmission in chemotaxis signaling complexes in which the CheW-receptor interface plays the key role in conveying signaling-related conformational changes from receptors to the CheA kinase.

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