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Effects of plant population density and root-induced cytokinin on the corn compensatory growth during post-drought rewatering.

ABSTRACT: The effect of plant population density (PPD) and root-induced leaf cytokinin on the compensatory growth of potted corn seedlings during post-drought rewatering was investigated. The study design comprised four treatments: (1) wetness with low PPD, (2) wetness with high PPD, (3) rewatering with low PPD, and (4) rewatering with high PPD. Results showed that drought stress restrained the growth of corns. By contrast, rewatering enhanced the net photosynthetic rate and growth of corns. During the 8 days of rewatering, compensatory growth during post-drought rewatering occurred in corns with high PPD; however, such compensatory growth did not occur in corns with low PPD. Zeatin riboside concentrations in leaves and xylem saps were significantly higher under rewatering treatment than those under wet treatment. High leaf cytokinin concentration accelerated corn growth. The coefficients of variation and Gini-coefficient of wet treatment were significantly higher than those of rewatering treatment under high PPD, demonstrating that intense intraspecific competition occurred in the wet treatment. Extreme intraspecific competition negatively affected net photosynthetic rate. In brief, the interactions between root-induced leaf cytokinin and weak intraspecific competition promoted the compensatory growth under high PPD.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6023128 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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