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Directionally biased sidestepping of Kip3/kinesin-8 is regulated by ATP waiting time and motor-microtubule interaction strength.

ABSTRACT: Kinesin-8 motors, which move in a highly processive manner toward microtubule plus ends where they act as depolymerases, are essential regulators of microtubule dynamics in cells. To understand their navigation strategy on the microtubule lattice, we studied the 3D motion of single yeast kinesin-8 motors, Kip3, on freely suspended microtubules in vitro. We observed short-pitch, left-handed helical trajectories indicating that kinesin-8 motors frequently switch protofilaments in a directionally biased manner. Intriguingly, sidestepping was not directly coupled to forward stepping but rather depended on the average dwell time per forward step under limiting ATP concentrations. Based on our experimental findings and numerical simulations we propose that effective sidestepping toward the left is regulated by a bifurcation in the Kip3 step cycle, involving a transition from a two-head-bound to a one-head-bound conformation in the ATP-waiting state. Results from a kinesin-1 mutant with extended neck linker hint toward a generic sidestepping mechanism for processive kinesins, facilitating the circumvention of intracellular obstacles on the microtubule surface.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6112707 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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