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Study on optimization algorithm of tuned mass damper parameters to reduce vehicle-bridge coupled vibration.

ABSTRACT: A vehicle-bridge tuned mass damper (TMD) coupled dynamic analysis and vibration-control model was established to optimize TMD damping effects on a steel-box girder bridge bearing vehicle loads. It was also used to investigate optimization efficiency of different algorithms in TMD design parameters. This model simulated bridges and vehicles with the use of a 7 degrees of freedom curved-beam element model and a 7 degrees of freedom vehicle model, respectively. The TMD system was simulated with the use of multiple rigid-body systems linked with springs and dampers. Road surface condition, as a vibration source, was simulated with the use of a frequency equivalent method based on a power spectrum. A variably-accelerated pattern search algorithm was proposed in line with the initial TMD parameters calculated by Den Hartog formula. Visual software was compiled by Fortran and used for an optimization study of vibration reduction. A three-span, curved, continuous steel-box girder bridge was used as the numerical example. Optimized effects and computational efficiency of vibration reduction under different methods were compared. The comparison included a single variable optimization based on Den Hartog formula, an ergodic search method, an integer programming method, a traditional genetic algorithm, a traditional pattern search algorithm, and a variably-accelerated pattern search algorithm. The results indicate that variably-accelerated pattern search algorithm is more efficient at improving TMD optimal parameter design. Final TMD parameter optimization values obtained by different methods are quite close to each other and tends verify the reliability of the optimization results.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6478324 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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