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An Ophthalmic Targeted Exome Sequencing Panel as a Powerful Tool to Identify Causative Mutations in Patients Suspected of Hereditary Eye Diseases.

ABSTRACT: Purpose:We evaluate the power of a next-generation sequencing-based ophthalmic targeted sequencing panel (NGS-based OTSP) as a genetics-testing tool for patients suspected of a wide range of hereditary eye diseases. Methods:NGS-based OTSP encompasses 126 genes with identified mutations that account for the majority of Chinese families with hereditary eye diseases. A total of 568 probands suspected of having hereditary eye diseases underwent genetic testing by OTSP with targeted phenotype-driven analysis. Results:NGS-based OTSP detected 329 potential pathogenic variants in 62 genes. These mutations might represent the genetic cause in 52% (293/568) of probands suspected of having hereditary eye diseases. Within the disease subgroups, the detection rates were 61% (124/202) for retinal degeneration disease, 53% (35/66) for eye tumors, 49% (53/108) for retinal vessel disease, 46% (13/28) for retinal detachment, 33% (19/58) for significant refractive error, 35% (16/46) for optic atrophy, 48% (11/23) for anterior segment dysgenesis, and 59% (22/37) for other hereditary eye diseases. These detection rates are comparable to those obtained in our previous study performed with whole exome sequencing. Mutations in the same gene were detected in different forms of hereditary eye diseases. The average turnaround time for OTSP is 30 days, and the average cost is 139 USD per patient. Conclusions:NGS-based OTSP is a powerful tool for routine clinical genetic diagnostic testing in patients suspected of having hereditary eye diseases. Translational Relevance:NGS-based OTSP can be used as a routine clinical test to improve the genetic counseling and medical care of patients suspected of having hereditary eye diseases.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6497090 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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