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Validation study of the Spanish version of the Last-7-d Sedentary Time Questionnaire (SIT-Q-7d-Sp) in young adults.

ABSTRACT: There are few valid instruments to assess domain-specific sedentary behaviours (SB) among Spanish-speaking populations. This study validated the original English version of the last 7 days SB questionnaire (SIT-Q-7d) into Spanish (Castilian). A total of 151 undergraduates (52% male, 21.19±2.57 yrs.) wore an activPAL3M (AP3M) for 7 days and subsequently completed the Spanish version of the SIT-Q-7d (SIT-Q-7d-Sp). A subsample of 30 participants (70% male, 22.89±1.54 yrs.) simultaneously wore the AP3M and used a domain-log to register the context where the SB occurred. The SIT-Q-7d-Sp differed significantly from the AP3M, overestimating sitting time by an average of 60.69 mins.d-1 (all p<0.016). No significant differences were observed between the two measures for weekend total sitting time. The SIT-Q-7d-Sp did not differ significantly from the AP3M +Log for meal, work, and transportation-based sitting time (all p>0.016). However, screen-based and other leisure-based sitting activities were significantly overestimated (ranging from 94.68 mins.d-1 to 234.08 mins.d-1, p<0.001). The SIT-Q-7d-Sp appears to provide acceptable estimates of sitting time during transportation, occupational and meal-based domains. The SIT-Q-7d-Sp is not an appropriate measure of SB when examining total sitting time and leisure-based SB in young adults. For total sitting time and leisure-based SB, the use of objective measures is recommended.

SUBMITTER: Felez-Nobrega M 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6541286 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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