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The muscle pre-activity timing of the hamstrings and quadriceps during 180° and 360° rotational jump landings in healthy female subjects.

ABSTRACT: Background/Objective:The muscle activity before the initial contact between during jump landings is referred to as the pre-activity. The muscle pre-activity that occur during jump landing are considered to be an important predictor of non-contact anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury risk. ACL injury prevention programs have been widely conducted; these programs are generally focused on increasing the muscle pre-activity and include rotational jump landing. The purpose of this study was to investigate the timing of the muscle pre-activity of the hamstrings and quadriceps during 180° and 360° rotational jump landing. Methods:The participants were 10 healthy females. Electromyography was conducted on the knee joint muscles of the left leg (the non-dominant leg) during clockwise 180° and 360° rotational jump landings. Results:The muscle pre-activities during 180° rotational jump landing was VM: 35.68?±?11.22 msec, RF: 38.05?±?14.77 msec, VL: 47.10?±?19.96 msec, BF: 115.63?±?30.48 msec and SM: 136.45?±?47.52 msec. And the muscle pre-activities during 360° rotational jump landing was VM: 45.25?±?17.41 msec, RF: 42.38?±?13.35 msec, VL: 48.75?±?19.20 msec, BF: 132.20?±?46.74 msec and SM: 140.70?±?40.64 msec. For both the 180° rotational jump landing and the 360° jump landing, the pre-activities of the hamstrings occurred significantly earlier than those of the quadriceps (p?

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6700471 | BioStudies |

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