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Identification and Allelopathy of Green Garlic (Allium sativum L.) Volatiles on Scavenging of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Reactive Oxygen Species.

ABSTRACT: Garlic and formulations containing allicin are used widely as fungicides in modern agriculture. However, limited reports are available on the allelopathic mechanism of green garlic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and its component allelochemicals. The aim of this study was to investigate VOCs of green garlic and their effect on scavenging of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cucumber. In this study, green garlic VOCs were collected by HS-SPME, then analyzed by GS-MS. Their biological activity were verified by bioassays. The results showed that diallyl disulfide (DADS) is the main allelochemical of green garlic VOCs and the DADS content released from green garlic is approximately 0.08 mg/g. On this basis, the allelopathic effects of green garlic VOCs in vivo and 1 mmol/L DADS on scavenging of ROS in cucumber seedlings were further studied. Green garlic VOCs and DADS both reduce superoxide anion and increase the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide of cucumber seedlings. They can also regulate active antioxidant enzymes (SOD, CAT, POD), antioxidant substances (MDA, GSH and ASA) and genes (CscAPX, CsGPX, CsMDAR, CsSOD, CsCAT, CsPOD) responding to oxidative stress in cucumber seedlings.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6767350 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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