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German Society of Biomechanics (DGfB) Young Investigator Award 2019: Proof-of-Concept of a Novel Knee Joint Simulator Allowing Rapid Motions at Physiological Muscle and Ground Reaction Forces.

ABSTRACT: The in vitro determination of realistic loads acting in knee ligaments, articular cartilage, menisci and their attachments during daily activities require the creation of physiological muscle forces, ground reaction force and unconstrained kinematics. However, no in vitro test setup is currently available that is able to simulate such physiological loads during squatting and jump landing exercises. Therefore, a novel knee joint simulator allowing such physiological loads in combination with realistic, rapid movements is presented. To gain realistic joint positions and muscle forces serving as input parameters for the simulator, a combined in vivo motion analysis and inverse dynamics (MAID) study was undertaken with 11 volunteers performing squatting and jump landing exercises. Subsequently, an in vitro study using nine human knee joint specimens was conducted to prove the functionality of the simulator. To do so, slow squatting without muscle force simulation representing quasi-static loading conditions and slow squatting and jump landing with physiological muscle force simulation were carried out. During all tests ground reaction force, tibiofemoral contact pressure, and tibial rotation characteristics were simultaneously recorded. The simulated muscle forces obtained were in good correlation (0.48 ? R ? 0.92) with those from the in vivo MAID study. The resulting vertical ground reaction force showed a correlation of R = 0.93. On the basis of the target parameters of ground reaction force, tibiofemoral contact pressure and tibial rotation, it could be concluded that the knee joint load was loaded physiologically. Therefore, this is the first in vitro knee joint simulator allowing squatting and jump landing exercises in combination with physiological muscle forces that finally result in realistic ground reaction forces and physiological joint loading conditions.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6776628 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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