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Evaluation of the highly sensitive chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay "Lumipulse HBsAg-HQ" for hepatitis B virus screening.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Ongoing efforts in the development of HBsAg detection kits are focused on improving sensitivity and specificity. The purpose of this study was to evaluate an improved, highly sensitive quantitative assay, "Lumipulse HBsAg-HQ", a chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay designed for a fully automated instrument, the "Lumipulse G1200". METHODS:Serum samples for reproducibility, dilution, correlation, sensitivity, and specificity studies were obtained from patients at the Osaka University Hospital. Seroconversion and sensitivity panels were purchased from a commercial vender. Subtype, sensitivity panels, and HBsAg recombinant proteins with one or two amino acid substitutions were prepared in-house. RESULTS:The coefficients of variation for the low, medium, and high concentration samples ranged from 1.93 to 2.55%. The HBsAg-HQ reagent for dilution testing showed good linearity in the 0.005-150 HBsAg IU/mL range and no prozone phenomenon. All 102 HBV carrier samples were positive by HBsAg-HQ, while other commercial reagents showed one or more to be negative. In the seroconversion panel, the 14-day blood sample was positive. The sensitivity against HBsAg-HQ "ad" and "ay" subtypes was 0.025 ng/mL. Comparisons among the HBsAg-HQ, HISCL, and Architect HBsAg reagents were performed using the Bland-Altman plot. Specificity for 1000 seronegative individuals was 99.7%. HBsAg-HQ detected 29 positive serum among 12 231 routinely obtained serum samples, which showed concentrations of 0.005-0.05 HBsAg IU/mL. CONCLUSIONS:According to these results, the Lumipulse HBsAg-HQ assay, with a highly sensitive limit of detection of 0.005 IU/mL, may facilitate the development of a better management strategy for a considerable proportion of infected patients.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6817178 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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