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Extraction of Thick Filaments in Individual Sarcomeres Affects Force Production by Single Myofibrils.

ABSTRACT: It has been accepted that the force produced by a skeletal muscle myofibril depends on its cross-sectional area but not on the number of active sarcomeres because they are arranged in series. However, a previous study performed by our group showed that blocking actomyosin interactions within an activated myofibril and depleting the thick filaments in one sarcomere unexpectedly reduced force production. In this study, we examined in detail how consecutive depletion of thick filaments in individual sarcomeres within a myofibril affects force production. Myofibrils isolated from rabbit psoas were activated and relaxed using a perfusion system. An extra microperfusion needle filled with a high-ionic strength solution was used to erase thick filaments in individual sarcomeres in real time before myofibril activation. The isometric forces were measured upon activation. The force produced by myofibrils with intact sarcomeres was significantly higher than the force produced by myofibrils with one or more sarcomeres lacking thick filaments (p < 0.0001) irrespective of the number of contractions imposed on the myofibrils and their initial sarcomere length. Our results suggest that the myofibril force is affected by intersarcomere dynamics and the number of active sarcomeres in series.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7176582 | BioStudies |

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