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Rickettsiae exposure related to habitats of the oriental house rat (Rattus tanezumi, Temminck, 1844) in Salaya suburb, Thailand.

ABSTRACT: Rickettsial zoonotic diseases, in particular scrub typhus, murine typhus, and tick typhus, are caused by Orientia tsutsugamushi, Rickettsia typhi, and Rickettsia honei infections. Rickettsiae exposure is typically related to a rodent host in various habitats of marginal regions, including between rural areas and communities such as the Salaya suburb. This allows the oriental house rat (OHR), a highly adaptive species, to live in close proximity to the community and possibly introduce rickettsial diseases. To understand rickettsial exposure in the OHR from different habitats, knowledge of disease exposure can serve as baseline information for disease management and prevention. A total of 185 OHRs from three unrelated habitats were assessed using a standard indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA) for specific antibody reaction to O. tsutsugamushi, R. typhi, and R. honei. The presence of antibody in the OHR to rickettsiae, either scrub or murine typhus, was associated with the habitat, whereas tick typhus had general exposure. This finding shows the OHR to be a potential reservoir host for rickettsial diseases along the borders of geographic regions in the suburban environment.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7415620 | BioStudies |

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