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HI-HPTLC-UV/Vis/FLD-HESI-HRMS and bioprofiling of steviol glycosides, steviol, and isosteviol in Stevia leaves and foods.

ABSTRACT: Food products and botanicals on the global market need to be investigated in a more comprehensive way to detect effects, falsifications or adulterations. This is especially true for such ones containing Stevia leaves, Stevia extracts, or steviol glycosides. A multi-imaging profiling was developed exploiting hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC). A minimalistic sample preparation, different mixtures of acetonitrile and water/buffer on the silica gel phase as well as derivatization reagents and optional hyphenation with high-resolution mass spectrometry were exploited. The hydrophilic interaction high-performance thin-layer chromatography (HI-HPTLC) development took 10 min for 48 analyses. It was used to screen Stevia leaf extracts and 20 different food products. For the first time, the biological and biochemical profiling of Stevia leaf products by HI-HPTLC-UV/Vis/FLD-assay pointed to 19 different bioactive compound bands found in the more natural multicomponent Stevia leaf extracts, whereas most of these activities were not existent for the steviol glycosides. The chemically isolated, purified, and EU-regulated steviol glycosides ease risk assessment and food product development. However, multipotent botanicals may have subtle impact on homeostasis via several metabolic pathways, providing benefits for the consumer's health. Analyzed side by side by means of the effect-directed profiling, their individual activity profiles were visualized as image and individual substances of importance were pointed out. Multi-imaging (comprehensive detection) plus non-targeted bioprofiling (focus on known and unknown bioactivity) allows for a fast detection of questionable product changes that occur along the global food chain and are particularly related to food safety. Graphical abstract.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7442773 | BioStudies |

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