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A blockchain-based framework for electronic medical records sharing with fine-grained access control.

ABSTRACT: In the medical system, the verification, preservation and synchronization of electronic medical records has always been a difficult problem, and the random dissemination of patient records will bring various risks to patient privacy. Therefore, how to achieve secure data sharing on the basis of ensuring users' personal privacy becomes the key. In recent years, blockchain has been proposed to be a promising solution to achieve data sharing with security and privacy preservation due to its advantages of immutability. So, a distributed electronic medical records searchable scheme was proposed by leveraging blockchain and smart contract technology. Firstly, we perform a hash calculation on the electronic medical data and store the corresponding value on the blockchain to ensure its integrity and authenticity. Then, we encrypt the electronic medical data and store it in the interplanetary file system which is a distributed storage protocol. These operations not only can solve centralized data store of servers of several medical institutions, but also be good at lowering stress from data store and high-frequency access to blockchain. Secondly, the encrypted keyword index information of electronic medical records was stored on the Ethereum blockchain, meanwhile a smart contract deployed in the Ethereum blockchain is used to realize keyword search instead of depending on a centralized third party. Furthermore, we use attribute-based encryption scheme to ensure that only the attributes meeting the access policy can decrypt the encrypted electronic medical records. Finally, our performance analysis and security analysis show that the scheme is secure and efficient.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7537906 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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