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Trade-Off Relation between Fungicide Sensitivity and Melanin Biosynthesis in Plant Pathogenic Fungi.

ABSTRACT: Circumventing the emergence of fungicide-resistant strains is a crucial issue for robust disease management in agriculture. The agricultural fungicide ferimzone has been used for the control of rice diseases including rice blast. The emergence of ferimzone-resistant strains in rice fields has not been reported. Here, we identified the copper transport CoICT1 gene as the ferimzone sensitivity gene in Colletotrichum orbiculare and the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae. Genetic and cytological analyses showed that functional defects in the copper transport pathways, consisting of CoIct1 and P-type ATPase CoCcc2, led to the low sensitivity to ferimzone and the pathogenicity defect due to attenuated melanization in the appressorium. Importantly, the presence of CuSO4 induced high sensitivity to ferimzone even in the coict1 mutant. Our study shows that there is a trade-off relation between the sensitivity to ferimzone and fungal pathogenicity.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7582099 | BioStudies |

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