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Identification of intra-abdominal lymphatics in canine carcasses by laparoscopic fluorescence lymphography with intradermal and intrapopliteal ICG administration.

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the feasibility of laparoscopic fluorescence lymphography (LFL) using indocyanine green (ICG) via intradermal (ID) or intrapopliteal (IPP) administration in an ex vivo canine model. METHODS:Six thawed adult male dog carcasses were placed in the Trendelenburg position after placing three surgical ports in triangulation. ICG (0.5 mg/ml; 0.05 mg/kg) was administered to five of the carcasses (one carcass was a pilot) via ID in the left torso and IPP (right position, by surgical access) to stain the lymphatic pathway and medial iliac lymph node (MILN). Fluorescence quality, staining time, structures stained, and lymph node histopathology were assessed. Thoracic duct staining was also evaluated. RESULTS:ID administration showed staining of parts of the lymphatic pathway of the iliosacral lymph center in all cases using a single dose of ICG, with left MILN visualization in four carcasses. IPP administration showed staining of the right MILN in all cases, using a single dose in four carcasses. ICG reached the thoracic duct in one case. The two administration routes showed similar results in terms of required ICG volume, staining time, and visualization quality, although IPP was more effective in staining the MILN. CONCLUSIONS:This study confirms the feasibility of staining the iliosacral lymph center (mainly the MILNs) by LFL in thawed dog carcasses via ID or IPP administration of ICG. However, the IPP route showed greater effectiveness in staining the MILN.

SUBMITTER: Sanchez-Margallo FM 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7660503 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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