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Prognostic factors for ovarian metastases in colorectal cancer patients.



The aim of this study was to analyze prognostic factors for ovarian metastases (OM) in colorectal cancer (CRC) using data from a Chinese center. In addition, the study aimed at developing a new clinical scoring system for prognosis of OM of CRC patients after surgery.

Patients and methods

Data of CRC patients with OM were collected from a single Chinese institution (n = 67). Kaplan-Meier analysis was used to evaluate cumulative survival of patients. Factors associated with prognosis of overall survival (OS) were explored using Cox's proportional hazard regression models. A scoring system to determine effectiveness of prognosis was developed.


Median OS values for patients with or without surgery were 22 and 7 months, respectively. Size of OM, number of OM, peritoneal metastasis (PM), Peritoneal cancer index (PCI), and completeness of cytoreduction (CC) were associated with OS of patients through univariate analysis. Multivariate analysis using a Cox regression model showed that only CC was an independent predictor for OS. Three variables (the size of OM >15cm, PCI ≥ 10, and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) >30 ng/mL) assigned one point each were used to develop a risk score. The resulting score was used for prognosis of OS.


Surgical treatment of metastatic sites is effective and safe for CRC patients with OM. CC-0 is recommended for improved prognosis. The scoring system developed in this study is effective for prediction of OS of patients after surgery.

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