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Effect of the Seasonal Climatic Variations on the Flavonoid Accumulation in Vitis vinifera cvs. 'Muscat Hamburg' and 'Victoria' Grapes under the Double Cropping System.

ABSTRACT: Under the double cropping system, berries usually showed significant quality variations in the summer and winter seasons. In the two-year/four-consecutive-season study, two table grapes of 'Muscat Hamburg' and 'Victoria' were investigated to determine the phenolic compounds in their berries. Different from those of the summer season, the berries in the winter season suffered no high-temperature stress since veraison to harvest in 2014 and 2015. The variations in the season temperatures led to a higher anthocyanin concentration in the winter season berries of 'Muscat Hamburg' grapes than that in the summer berries, while the summer season berries had higher proportions of acylated and methylated anthocyanins than those in the winter season berries. Similar to the anthocyanins, the winter season berries also had a higher flavonol concentration in both varieties. Transcriptome analysis showed that the upregulated genes involved in the flavonoid pathway in the winter season berries were agreed with the changes found in the metabolites. However, the influence of the growing seasons on the flavanols was not consistent in the two varieties, and the variations in VviLARs between the grapes of 'Muscat Hamburg' and 'Victoria' might be the cause. This research helped us better understand the double cropping system and how the climate factors affected the phenolic compounds in the double cropping system.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC8750161 | BioStudies |

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