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Ena-DATASET-irgb_cnr-03-12-2016-14:21:32:266-154 - samples

ABSTRACT: We sequenced the polyA+ fraction of the RNA of the leukocytes from 624 sardinian individuals with RNAseq. Prior to library preparation we added either ERCC ExFold RNA Spike-In. An average of 60M reads per samples with 51 bp paired-end reads were generated on a HiSeq 2000 (Illumina). Sequencing reads were then aligned using STAR-2.2.0c2 to the h37d5 reference genome supplemented with the ERCC spike-ins sequences. We further provided an exon-exon junction database that we generated from the GENCODE v14 annotation. In order to remove a contamination from a parallel experiment, we discarded any reads that mapped to the genomic regions of CBLB (chr3:105370773-105592330) and BCL11A (chr2:60672555-60784156). Filtered aligned reads (bam format) are shared.

PROVIDER: EGAD00001003102 | EGA |


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