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Metabolomic investigation of the freezing-tolerant Arabidopsis mutant esk1

ABSTRACT: Arabidopsis thaliana eskimo ESK1 mutant (At3g55990) and wild type Col-0 were treated by cold stress at 6 degrees C for 48 hours, and their shoots were taken for metabolite analysis.


SUBMITTER: Adam J. Carroll  

PROVIDER: MEX82 | MetabolomeExpress | 2008-11-20

REPOSITORIES: MetabolomeExpress

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Metabolome and water status phenotyping of Arabidopsis under abiotic stress cues reveals new insight into ESK1 function.

Lugan Raphael R   Niogret Marie-Françoise MF   Kervazo Lucie L   Larher François Robert FR   Kopka Joachim J   Bouchereau Alain A  

Plant, cell & environment 20081120 2

Metabolomic investigation of the freezing-tolerant Arabidopsis mutant esk1 revealed large alterations in polar metabolite content in roots and shoots. Stress metabolic markers were found to be among the most significant metabolic markers associated with the mutation, but also compounds related to growth regulation or nutrition. The metabolic phenotype of esk1 was also compared to that of wild type (WT) under various environmental constraints, namely cold, salinity and dehydration. The mutant was  ...[more]

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