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Vitis vinifera

ABSTRACT: Vitis vinifera plastid

ORGANISM(S): Vitis vinifera  



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Phylogenetic analyses of Vitis (Vitaceae) based on complete chloroplast genome sequences: effects of taxon sampling and phylogenetic methods on resolving relationships among rosids.

Jansen Robert K RK   Kaittanis Charalambos C   Saski Christopher C   Lee Seung-Bum SB   Tomkins Jeffrey J   Alverson Andrew J AJ   Daniell Henry H  

BMC evolutionary biology 20060409

BACKGROUND:The Vitaceae (grape) is an economically important family of angiosperms whose phylogenetic placement is currently unresolved. Recent phylogenetic analyses based on one to several genes have suggested several alternative placements of this family, including sister to Caryophyllales, asterids, Saxifragales, Dilleniaceae or to rest of rosids, though support for these different results has been weak. There has been a recent interest in using complete chloroplast genome sequences for resol  ...[more]

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